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DU journal

Humanities and Social Sciences

The publication in a peer-reviewed journal is a direct reflection of the quality of the work of authors and their institutions. Peer-reviewing of the articles makes it possible to follow the scientific school in the presenting research. Therefore it is important to harmonize the ethical principles for all parties involved in the publishing process: the author, the journal editor, the peer reviewer, the publisher.

Natalia Koptseva
Natalia Koptseva  — chief editor
of the series “Humanities
and Social Sciences”, Doctor of
Philosophy, Professor, Head of
the Department of “Art Theory and
Cultural Studies”, Institute for
the Humanities, SFU.

Dear colleagues!
Professor Michael Gladyshev, the editor-in-chief of the DU Journal, introduced the main goals and areas of work of our journal in the Preface. He also explained the procedure of article submission and requirements for paper reviewing. The editor-in-chief emphasised the fact that each series of the journal is multidisciplinary per se. It essentially concerns the “Humanities and Social Sciences” series, which is oriented towards giving the academic community scientific information concerning a large list of the humanities: anthropology, philosophy, sociology, cultural studies, art history and theory, history, economics, law, psychology, pedagogics, philology, and linguistics. The two important issues for modern worldwide research in the humanities are: 1) applied research and 2) interdisciplinary approach in selecting a subject and methods. The modern humanities are aimed at solving problems in the area of social development, engineering and management.

ISSN: 0012-6837